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Manufacturer of artificial Christmas trees

About company

Sonic is an enterprise that dates back to 1989. Gaining experience and successively developing the production process, a family company was established in 1997, producing artificial Christmas trees and Christmas decorations.

Continuous development and a priority approach to modernizing the production system is the motto through which we are achieving a high-quality product which are artificial Christmas trees, wreaths or Christmas tree decorations. Good coordination and a staff of experienced employees allow Sonic to quickly complete wholesale and retail orders, even in top of season.

The high standard guaranteed is due to the continuous and detailed quality control that Christmas decorations and artificial Christmas trees undergo.

Knowledge, experience and care for reliable order fulfillment are the basic factors that allow us to be called a company with over 30 years of tradition.

Our artificial Christmas trees and Christmas tree decorations have for many years occupied a special place in the holiday season in many homes, both at home and abroad.

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